Red Calf(Click photo for larger image)

Welcome to my website! It is mostly dedicated to my hunting activities, but in spite of this there will not be any pictures of dead things. This is for two reasons:

a) Good taste

b) It will be linked to by other websites which have strict policies about such things.

It might seem paradoxical to some people that I love natural history while at the same time I shoot certain animals. To anyone who understands the countryside, however, there is no confusion. If you want hedgehogs, dormice, skylarks, hares, and so on, you need to control the predators. If we simply ‘left nature to sort itself out’, we’d just end up with grass and foxes. And then just grass.

The photograph above is of a red deer calf that had temporarily lost its Mum. I first heard it plaintively calling, then when it saw movement it came running up towards me. When my puppy, Rufus – then only about 12 weeks old, spotted it he thought it was some kind of enormous dog, and came belting back to hide behind my legs. At this, the calf realised that I wasn’t what it was looking for, and it dashed off into the nearby woods. Luckily, I had my camera with me, and was able to grab a snap before it disappeared.

This image gives a flavour of just one instant in one of the most beautiful parts of the world – mid-Devon. There are several accounts of my hunting sessions available via the links above- I hope you enjoy them!