Blank Night

After four nights of awful weather, I finally managed to get out last night. It was my Good Lady’s birthday, so it started when I gave her a pile of presents (including my first ever attempt at casting silver jewellery!) and then we went for a lunchtime meal at a Very Special Place. Fortunately, they do a lower price during the day, or we’d have left the establishment bankrupt…

She was kind enough to give me some time off for good behaviour after it got dark, so I started out at the local chicken farm. As soon as I got there I heard a commotion in the hedge ahead of me, but after inspection with the thermal I realised that it was only some cat-sized rats running for safety. Sneaking carefully into the area where the birds are housed, I checked around, but only saw more rats. This year has been a good one for them, and I’ve seen the nasty blighters all over the place.

I’d not gone more than two paces before a fox called about 400 yards away. To cut a long story short, I tried every trick in the book to bring it closer, but to no avail. I ended up with using the ‘chicken in distress’ call, but the only response was from a very cold farmer. He’d just got back from a pub meal with his wife when he heard the sound.

Jumping straight onto his quad bike he came steaming up the hill thinking a fox had got into one of the houses. Instead, he found me! Being in his smart clothes, the poor bloke was freezing – he apologised for not checking his ‘phone (where I’d left a message telling him I’d be on site) and for screwing up my session.

After that, I drove over to the local game estate. I’d already discussed my plan with the keeper, but sadly, that also came to nothing. After five hours of really hard work, all I saw were the aforementioned rats, as well as a couple of bunnies, two pairs of hares, and a red deer stag that looked decidedly odd due to the fact that it had only shed one antler. The other was still in place making it look very unbalanced!

I got back in the small hours with nothing to show for all my efforts – still, you can’t win them all the time. Let’s hope tonight is more productive…

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