Last Fox Of The Year

I wasn’t able to get out on New Year’s Eve due to commitments made by the long-haired general. The evening before, however, I ventured out briefly to check the local area as the farmer has already started lambing. Fortunately, I was able to avoid the bright moon by tucking myself into the shadows cast by a hedge which looked out over a deserted pasture.

I’d chosen to put myself there because I’d heard a fox calling a few hundred yards further out where there was no access. When I was ready, I began by playing a few brief bursts of fox squalls, and then after a short break so two or three vixen mating calls. A few minutes later a large vixen came in to see what was going on – a .204 round at about 120 yards saw her fold on the spot.

As I was collecting the carcass I heard the village clock strike 9:00pm – fortunately, that meant I had time to get home to watch most of part 2 of the BBC’s superb wolf documentary!

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