A Look Back At 2014’s Foxes

So – we’re now into 2015, which means it’s time to look back at how we did in 2014. This is what my records show:

January: 24 foxes – 15 were dogs, 6 were vixens (one of which was heavily pregnant). Unfortunately I have no record of what sex the other 3 were (I’ll have to check my photos to see if that helps).

February: 16 foxes – 7 were dogs, 8 were vixens (again, one of which was pregnant) and one of unknown sex. Paul spent some time away fishing in India.

March: 15 foxes – 8 were dogs (one had an injured back leg and a patch of mange on the back of its head) while 7 were vixens.

April: 17 foxes – 8 were dogs, 8 were vixens and the sex of one was unrecorded.

May: 17 foxes – 11 were dogs, one of which I shot at 293 yards (with the NV), 5 were vixens and the sex of one was unrecorded.

June: 10 foxes – 6 were dog foxes, 2 were vixen cubs and 2 were dog cubs. No adult vixens shot.

July: 25 foxes – 10 were adult dogs, 4 were dog cubs, 7 were vixens (one of which had a broken front right leg) and 3 were vixen cubs; the sex of one was unrecorded.

Paul was away in Europe on holiday for two weeks. When he got back he shot 2 small wild boar which were accompanied by 3 adults and about 8 other young.

August: 9 foxes – these were 1 dog, 3 adult vixens, 3 dog cubs (one at 255 paces), 1 vixen cub and the sex of one was unrecorded.

September: I missed two weeks of the month due to being away on holiday in Brittany. We still managed 38 foxes though – 11 were adult dogs, 5 were adult vixens (one of which had half her right rear leg missing as well as most of her teeth), 5 were probably sub-adult dog cubs and 3 were vixen cubs. Paul also shot 14 other foxes while I was away – since he doesn’t record their sexes, I don’t know what they were.

October: 30 foxes – 18 were adult dogs, 2 were sub-adult dogs, 9 were vixens and the sex of one was unrecorded.

November: 45 foxes – By this time of year it is very difficult indeed to differentiate between last year’s adult and this year’s sub-adult animals. We had 24 dog foxes, 15 vixens and 6 foxes of unrecorded sex.

December: 19 foxes – these were made up of 9 dog foxes (one with only a short stump for a tail), 9 Vixens and the sex of one was unrecorded.

So – that means we had a total of 265 foxes in 2014. If you take out days when the weather was too bad too shoot, that works out at about one a day, which isn’t too bad when you consider that we almost always shoot from ‘on foot’. Still – there’s no peace for the wicked – lambing has already started around here, so it looks as though we’ll be kept busy for the foreseeable future!

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