The Weather Hasn’t Got Any Better…

I haven’t shot a single fox since my last post on the 7th. Out of the last eight nights, I’ve only been able to get out twice due to the appalling weather we’ve had. On the Saturday (Jan 10th) I saw a pair of foxes tied. However, by the time I’d ‘phoned the farmer, checked out who the field they were in belonged to, how one gained access to it, and made it there, they’d gone.  I heard several foxes calling, and even saw another one near the chicken sheds – which at the time were some 500 yards away. Sadly though, nothing came close enough for a shot, and I got home wet and freezing cold.

Last night Paul (who has been away in South America on a fishing holiday) and I tried a session. The Met Office’s weather forecast told us the skies would be completely clear right across Devon by 9:00 pm. It lied to us – we were out for three hours, and it didn’t stop raining, sleeting, hailing and/or snowing the whole time. There was even forked lightning in a nearby town, although we didn’t see it ourselves. We heard one fox calling, and Paul briefly caught sight of something off in the distance that might have been vulpine, but that was it.

This morning I tried again – I was called by a local lady who owns a farm with some holiday cottages to say that a fox was on the opposite side of the valley. In spite of spending some time stalking across to the area and then carefully scanning with the Leica binoculars, I saw nothing except a hare basking in the brilliant sunshine and a few pheasants. At one point some magpies started shouting just over the hill, so it might have headed off that way, or, more likely, it’d gone to ground to sleep off a hard night’s exertions.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the weather holds long enough for us to get out tonight!

2 thoughts on “The Weather Hasn’t Got Any Better…”

  1. I visited your blog site quite by accident. I am impressed by the range of your interests. That is yet another way of living life to the full. Keep it up and all the best . Friend, I am an Army veteran as also by age! Arun

    1. Thanks – I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to get the blog up to date, for which I apologise to everyone who reads the site!

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